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Mgr. Monika Majvaldová

I love life as it is, no matter what happens, I live to the fullest both with my head and my heart.
I am aware that I only live once and I would rather regret things I have done than those I have missed.
I enjoy every moment, whether happy or painful, action or resting, shared or just mine. I am unique and I like myself the way I am…
Curious in looking for any possible tastes and colours of life.
Untiring when searching for the meaning of everything I do and experience.
Sensitive in listening to myself and others.
Passionate in everything I do and love.
I cook and eat anything that doesn't run away from me.
I have fallen for the red colour of big Tuscan wines.
I ski and love the perfectly shaped carve turns of my slalom skis.
I dive and try to capture all the beauty of other planet called the Sea.
I chase the passionate heart of my Alfa Romeo in curves.
Everywhere I go, I have a book with me - reading is like breathing to me.
The 'Oko' cinema is my private seclusion and movies as well as series and soundtracks are feast for eyes, ears and soul.
I have "green fingers" - whatever I touch, starts growing, so I constantly live in a jungle.
Traveling is my big passion. And Southeast Asia is my second home. The harmony of hot, sweet, sour and salty taste is my inspiration even in life...
I am active in searching simple smart practices and solutions or in supporting others.
Every day I learn, look for inspiration and new konwledge, which I use in my work together with all the activities mentioned in previous lines.

I love simplicity, and this way I see my work. I always start with a goal.

Through a dialogue I support and stimulate your thinking and decision making so that you are involved in solving your own situation - based on the approach "coaching with you, not coaching you". With curiosity, you will explore/map your situation and possibilities under the motto of "change comes when you stop". This is because just through detailed awareness of everything available (which you simply can't see in the  course of actions) you can find fundamental long-term effective "lever" solutions instead of tempting fast "crutches" in the form of techniques. The experience of our mutual work cannot be replaced by reading a smart book or having an intellectual discussion.



  • State Exam in Education and Psychology /PF Ostrava 1989/


Other training (courses, certificates , certificates apart from coaching):

  • OC Master Course/ two-semester studies, 100 hours, Powercom University, Schweiz, 1998-1999

  • Personal management /Gradua, one-semester retraining, 2001/

  • Intensive consultancy training programme in Change Management /ČNP 2001 –2002/200 hours

  • Gestalt thrapy /Institut pro Gestalt terapii (Gestalt Therapy Institute), two-year training 2002-2004, four-year trainng 2005-2009 / 880 hours

  • Theorethical Knowledge Instructor/ Úřad pro civilní letectví (Civil Aviation Authority), 2014/ 92 hours


Education in Coaching:

  • Destiny Coach / one-semester course, 50 hours, Olivia Consulting, Schweiz, 1998- 1999

  • Management Coaching / ISK, three-semester course, 2000/

  • Video training of interactions / SPIN, three-semester training, 150 hours, 2001/

  • Art+Science of Coaching, ICF Ericsson Colege, Canada / one-semester training 2005-2006/ 100 hours

  • Accredited coach No.4, Česká asociace koučů (Czech Association of Coaches) / 2006

  • Customer Focused Selling, certified coach of the 3M Innovation company, Bruxelles / training 2007 / 50 hours

  • Supervisory group , 2002-2015

  • Systemic aproach, Ria Verlinden (Belgium)/ 2013 and 2015

  • Mentally fit "Cooperative culture" /CBC/ 2014


Coaching experience with the following positions in the Czech Republic and internationally:

  • Company owner

  • President of the company

  • CEO

  • Chairman of the Board

  • Board Member

  • Member of the Supervizory Board

  • Vice-President

  • Executive Director

  • Division Director

  • Production Manager

  • Sales Director

  • CPO

  • CFO

  • HR Manager

  • Head of Logistics

  • Call Cernre Director

  • Branch Manager

  • Captain / Pilot

  • and others


Specialization (field of business) of companies, where I have been coaching:

  • machine industry

  • banking

  • business

  • customer care / service

  • aviation

  • arms industry

  • personal transport

  • FMCG – beverages, brewing, confectionery

  • automotive

  • building industry

  • IT


Frequently addressed topics or assignments:

  • Change management (management of of transformational changes)

  • Leadership (Head+Heart Leadership®, Coaching a Change)

  • Strategic thinking

  • Satisfaction with professional and personal life

  • Lifecoaching

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Communication

  • Resolving conflicts

  • Teamwork and team management

  • Maagement styles

  • Managing meetings

  • and others


My pratice:

  • Teacher

  • Public Relations / Advertising Project Manager for Česká kreativní, s.r.o.

  • Senior consultant and coach of the project Human Empowerment, Olivia Consulting, GmBH. in Swityerland and Austria

  • Coach, consultant, lecturer for ČNP, s.r.o.

  • Since 2004, owner of the Contour Consulting, s.r.o. company, specializing in the entire field of Change Management, coaching and leadership development.



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