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What is trust? I immediately think of safety, respect and confidence. In a relationship. Trust something or somebody but mainly ourselves. The old Norse meaning of the word was "help, confidence, support, protection". To be confident in myself, my skills and my work. To trust means not to doubt. To believe/trust someone that we will find a consensus and that it will be like this forever.

Trust pays. To trust means to act quicker and with less costs. S.R.Covey gives a great exampe showing the situation in air passenger traffic before and after the September 11th attacks. Before them, we could run to the airport just before departure and within 40 minutes we were mellowing out on the plane. After the attacks, we have to count with a  time reserve of at least 2 hours (3-4 hours when flying to the USA), in order to go through all the security procedures in time and even manage to departure. There is more staff, equipment and the whole handling process has become radically more expensive. Lack of trust as well as doubts are time consuming and pricy.

For me, trust is the basis of my work. Without trust, I wouldn't be able to work with my clients at all. 
It is an absolute, though natural, imperative. That's why I have learnt how to build it from the very first meeting. In every of my actions, I have always on my mind, whether I support it or threaten it. Because getting it back is very tedious, if not impossible. 
It is fertile soil, moisture and nutrient for growth, for finding the courage to get out of the rut and go further and deeper. It is safety and security, which eliminates insecurity and fear of the unknown.

The good news is that you can learn how to trust, and that trust subsequently tends to spread into other areas of life. Trust is contagious. If you start believing in yourself, you start believing in relationship with others, with your company... subsequently customers start believing you and so does the whole society at the same time.
Does it seem too simple? And why not? Beauty is in the simplicity.
I myself am basically lazy... Lazy to look for "evidence" why I shall believe in myself again, when I have messed something up.
Therefore trust is the most important precondition and principle both at wotk and in private.



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Created: 25 August 2015 Last Updated: 16 February 2016
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