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Head or heart? Opposites or partners?

I keep hearing that emotions do not belong to work. Or that "it is important to stay calm." Or "Keep on going, you can make it!

When is the right time to start thinking abut this saying?

  • when I feel sick just when thinking that I have to go to work tomorrow morning again
  • when I keep accepting more and more "challenges", never refuse anything so that I am afraid to stop
  • when I explode on the first try when approaching an unlikeable colleague
  • when "they are lazy so that I have to keep rushing them and checking up on them" until I drop from exhaustion
  • when more and more of my relationships are collapsing and I better not expect anything nice from anybody
  • when I am scared of losing my job
  • when they keep tightening the noose around my neck and limitig my decision space, even though I am the boss
  • when I am actually doing fine - I have a great position, money, loving wife, smart and happy children and still I am not satisfied
  • when I lack the purpose of my life
  • when I don't know how to decide

I could continue like this forever. Here I have put together just random questions, which we try to answer with my clients. Intelligent, succcessful, experienced people are asking these questions.
They were considering them from all viewpoints and never got any further. It is because they drew information just from one part of their "information source - transmitter", which is their head or mind.

To get further inspiraton, we learn how to "fine tune" other transmitters we have – our body and emotions. Emotions do not arise in our heart, they are the result of body reactions and found answers…
"How does it make me feel, when my stomach aches? Why do I feel sick?"
An answer can be: "I'm afraid of losing my job", "I am anxious because they will want something from me again."
The "head" or mind helps to translate the "broadcasting" into understandable language. Without it, we wouldn't be able to find the answer to our key question: "What is it that I really need?"

Body - mind - emotions are basic transmitters we always have available.
Body and emotions = heart and mind = head. Only by combining them and understanding their "broadcasting", we can get information that will help us find the answer to our needs and choose a reaction. Not that the reaction chooses us.

Being fine tuned means staying curious and at the same time courageous in listening and openness. What do I get? Satisfaction and fulfillment in everything I do. Because you need both head and heart to be successful.



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Created: 25 August 2015 Last Updated: 16 February 2016
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