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What?!? The coach is giving me advice(!!!) and what's more - to be Selfish?

Summer, holiday time. Finally you are on the plane. You are takig off from your homeland and they re bothering you with safety instructions. Stewardesses, the beuties, who never lose their charm, let it be with a limp yellow vest around their neck. Astonished, you are watchng the perfectly trained gestures and ... what's this? I shall put the osygen mask on myself first, THEN on my baby?!? What's this nonsense? I first want to protect my near and dear.. Wrong! If you pass out, who will help you? A teenager perhaps, but a child of four?

I have to feed my people...
I have to take my children to their clubs.
I have to finish that presetation for the meeting.
They won't move any further without me...
I have to be available even on holiday. I have to set a good example...
Nobody will do it instead of me...

I hear these phrases in my practice way too often. At first, I experience the same helplessness as their authors. Women are usually even better at it.
Again and again, I see surprise and astonishment when asking: "You take such a good are of the others. Who takes care of you?" And the answer: "Well, nobody... I can wait..." never ceases to surprise me. After all, if I don't have enough power, I am not able to care of the others. How simple.

Until when or for what do I want to wait?
When I get sick? God, no! For I can take anything.
When I overlook the declining performance, slander, conflicts among my people? So what, I am just a human. But how long are they going to tollerate it, until they find a more thorough replacement?

When they see I am not able to decide?

If you do not know,
what you're good at and what not,
what you enjoy and what is rewarding,
what annoys you, what makes you relaxed,
what hinders you and what makes you exhausted,
you better stay alone.

Take care of yourself first, and then of the others. The opposite is just a mirage. Cliche. Social taboo.



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Created: 25 August 2015 Last Updated: 16 February 2016
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