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Head&Heart<sup>®</sup>Do you keep on thinking and still without any result? Employ other sources of information. YOURS! Get rid of concerns, learn about your options and discover satisfaction in all areas of your life. With the HEAD and HEART approach, you will learn how to fearlessly step out of your comfort zone. Together, we will develop your way to be yourself in personal and professional life. Only your head and heart together will help you find the best answer.


H2 LEADERSHIP<sup>®</sup>If you want to become an inspirational personality for yourself and for other people as well, and feel satisfied at the same time, start with yourself. H2 LEADERSHIP starts in your heart. Together we will find your personal and professional qualities, as well as your limitations. We will explore different options and you will decide yourself, what you are going to do with your discoveries.


H2 COACHINGEveryone is an expert in their lives. If you want to live and work smarter, with less effort, better resul tand at the same time with personal fulfillment, start with yourselves. And soon you will become motivation for other people as well. Through our mutual work, you will experience inspiration, self-awareness, creation, trust and support, which you will keep on enjoying independently as well.


H2 CHANGEDo not get surprised, learn how to steer your success on any occasion. Each new sitution in life can move you further, or on the contrary, set back completely. Change, however, is more likely to succeed, if  it comes from your inside out. Together, we will define your intentions in both personal and working life, as well as suitable strategies. We prepare the change and bring it to a successful end. Or beginning?

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Self-worth: Powering the heart of leadership

More than ever, today’s leaders need a strong relationship with themselves. If this is absent, they fall into classic pitfalls such as people-pleasing, proving themselves, seeking validation and/or ego-fulfillment. The result is a "needy leader".

When a leader possesses true self-worth, they have more impact. They transmit a powerful sense of purpose to others. They empower the people around them.  Being anchored on permanent values, they win trust. Their vision is compelling and attractive.

Join us on on October 20-22 for the exceptional “Self Worth Safari”: a weekend outside of Prague in

Together with other leaders, we will deeply explore self-worth:

    How self-worth is different to self-esteem
    How self-worth deepens our relationships: both with ourselves and others
    How self-worth changes our thinking about work, money and status
    The complex interrelationships between friendship and self-worth
    Self-worth and our environment

The weekend is moderated by John Niland and Monika Majvaldová

Please contact me for more information and prices.

Who I am

  • Mgr. Monika Majvaldová - kdo jsem
  • Mgr. Monika Majvaldová - kdo jsem
  • Mgr. Monika Majvaldová - kdo jsem
  • Mgr. Monika Majvaldová - kdo jsem

How I work

  • Mgr. Monika Majvaldová - jak pracuji
  • Mgr. Monika Majvaldová - jak pracuji
  • Mgr. Monika Majvaldová - jak pracuji
  • Mgr. Monika Majvaldová - jak pracuji



"Change comes when you pause"
Potápění - kdo jste se ponořili poprvé pod hladinu, pamatujete si své první nesmělé nádechy, zvuky jako z jiné planety, tělo jako šponu? Měla jsem obrovskou radost, že dýchám a vidím a slyším ve vodě! S vervou sobě vlastní jsem...
Be selfish!
What?!? The coach is giving me advice(!!!) and what's more - to be Selfish? Summer, holiday time. Finally you are on the plane. You are takig off from your homeland and they re bothering you with safety instructions....
Head or heart? Opposites or partners? I keep hearing that emotions do not belong to work. Or that "it is important to stay calm." Or "Keep on going, you can make it! When is the right time to start thinking abut this saying? when...

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