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More than ever, today’s leaders need a strong relationship with themselves. If this is absent, they fall into classic pitfalls such as people-pleasing, proving themselves, seeking validation and/or ego-fulfillment. The result is a "needy leader".

When a leader possesses true self-worth, they have more impact. They transmit a powerful sense of purpose to others. They empower the people around them. Being anchored on permanent values, they win trust. Their vision is compelling and attractive.

Do you want to have more impact as a leader or manager?

Are you struggling with issues of anxiety or low self-belief?

Do you want to value yourself and your work in better ways?

Join us on September 13th – 15th 2019 for the exceptional

“Self Worth Safari”: a weekend in Prague


Together with other leaders, we will deeply explore self-worth:

–      How self-worth is different from self-esteem

–      How self-worth deepens our relationships: both with ourselves and others

–     How self-worth changes our thinking about work, money, and status

–     The complex interrelationships between friendship and self-worth

–      Self-worth and our environment

The weekend is moderated by John Niland https://www.selfworthacademy.com/associates/ , author of the book Self-worth Safari and Monika Majvaldová https://contour.cz/en/who-i-am